If you have received a mailing or solicitation letter from an attorney regarding the Florida Southeast Connection pipeline, please be aware that this does not indicate that your property is or will be impacted by the proposed Florida Southeast Connection natural gas pipeline. Please note that we have attempted to send letters to the landowners impacted by the pipeline route and if you have not received a letter, you are likely not impacted by the route as currently proposed. Attorneys often send out advertising materials that result in speculation about the actual pipeline route. These advertising efforts blanket certain ZIP codes with mailings in efforts to solicit clients.

These letters get sent to people who live in ZIP codes that could be in the general vicinity of a proposed pipeline route, but may be nowhere close to the proposed pipeline corridor. These letters are among the strategies used by attorneys to solicit new business. In addition to mass-mail distribution letters, attorneys may also utilize blogs or submit letters to the editor in regional publications for business generating purposes.

This interstate pipeline will go through an extensive environmental review as well as a permitting process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which requires public open houses and other contacts with those property owners who may be affected by the pipeline. If your property is potentially affected by the proposed route, you will be notified to participate during the public comment process.