Welcome to the Florida Southeast Connection Pipeline

Beginning in 2017, the new Florida Southeast Connection pipeline will be used to transport natural gas from central to southern Florida to serve the growing needs of Floridians and to improve the region’s natural gas transportation diversity and reliability.

The Florida Southeast Connection pipeline will interconnect with the two major interstate natural gas pipeline systems in Central Florida and a new interstate natural gas pipeline that will enter service in 2017.

The pipeline has received all regulatory approvals and permits related to construction and operations. Construction of the Florida Southeast Connection pipeline began in August 2016.

About Natural Gas and FPL’s Need

Natural gas is a leading electricity fuel source in the Sunshine State. Approximately 68 percent of the electricity Floridians use is generated by natural gas power plants. Natural gas has many advantages: it’s the cleanest fossil fuel, abundantly available in the U.S. and far more affordable than imported oil. (MORE…)

Natural Gas in Florida

Today, there are two major pipeline systems that provide natural gas to central and southern Florida: Gulfstream Natural Gas System and Florida Gas Transmission. These two pipeline systems currently can deliver a total of approximately 4 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day. (MORE…)

The Need for a New Natural Gas Pipeline System

Unlike states like Texas, Florida has only minimal natural gas production and no natural gas storage capacity. Central and southern Florida rely on just two natural gas pipelines – both of which are nearing capacity. As the state’s need for natural gas grows in the near future, a new pipeline is needed to ensure that a reliable supply of natural gas is available.